Blockchain Startup Website Goes Live

Hey guys!

I’m excited to share some good news with you today! The website we created here at Zajno for a blockchain startup is now live!

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The company is called Promise and what they offer is dependable, automated subscription payments without risking private keys and transaction privacy which sounds pretty cool.

Full size is here

As the company is currently aimed at ICO for raising funds, it was very important to make the website look trustworthy and explain the complexity of their solution, so the investors can trust them and buy their tokens.

We jumped at crafting effective needs statements after talking to our clients. We discussed their target audience, created their use cases, and based our structure off of that. As the target audience mainly consists of people willing to invest into a crypto startup, and they are usually interested in cryptographic complexity, we focused on visualizing it in the best possible way to clearly communicate the advantages of the technology. Unlike average blockchain websites overloaded with text content, we opted for using a lot of visual content, to make the website look catchy and drive engagement. We tried to adopt a system approach to both composition and layout, presenting the information in an appealing way while keeping it easy to understand.

We ended up with a clean and informative website that fully explains the solution provided by the company and speaks to the target audience, building up their trust.

Check out the live version here and share your feedback!

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