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Soulver 3 app icon

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Do you like Soulver? I do. I really, really like Soulver. I use it every day. When I found out version 3 was in development, I begged Zac to let me make a new app icon. As you can see, he eventually gave in. Hooray!

Soulver 3 includes tons of new stuff and is a very substantial upgrade.

We kicked around lots of ideas for a new direction, but the existing app icon did a great job expressing what the app does, so we stuck with a similar concept.

Is there anything interesting about this icon? The hand written text was actually hand written. A photo was taken, and then it was vectorised. I wrote some code in Processing for the LED dot screen, because I lack patience to make things like that by hand. Lots of parts were modelled in 3D prior to building the icon in Photoshop. There’s six gradient maps used, and the icon is almost black and white without them (metal ×3, yellow ×2, blue ×1). Earlier versions of the icon had a red pencil, rather than a yellow pen.

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