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So a couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to rebrand coca-cola and here's my shot. And before you guys went all nuts and savage about this post, take a little breather and try to understand from my perspective.

First off; no, never in entire life Coca-Cola will ever adopt this style ever (especially after the 1985 tragedy, which I'll cover the topic over the next few posts). This is purely experimental, and if I was a great logotype artist I might've played around with some style of lettering to it. But since I'm not, might as well do something with what I can, yeah?

I love sans serif so much that sometimes I'll rebrand anything from serifs to it. So #cocacola is no exception. Of course lots will disagree. If coca-cola had the courage once to rebrand it, now might be the best time to adopt the change again.

For this time, it takes around 9 posts for a single rebrand project so bear with me. It's been so long that I've played around with 3-4 posts for a project so I'm thinking of expanding it a bit. If it turned out ok, might be implemented on the next projects. But if not, well this could be the first and the last.

So are you guys with the old or new? Share your thoughts below!

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