Ilya Zoria

Guidefoot. Website for author’s tours

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Guidefoot. Website for author’s tours tours guides airbnb booking travel

Guidefoot is a place, where tourists can find experience, emotions and like-minded people. Tourists could search for and book author’s tours. On the other side, guides could add, manage and promote their tours. It's similar to Airbnb Experience but for long-lasting tours from 3–30 days with local guides.

This is my first startup that we worked on with my friend and partner Alex. Initial idea was to create a website where people book author’s tours and guides that could manage all tours in one place. I was responsible for design and Alex for development. This is my first experience of creating a startup and I learned a lot. So I want to share with you my process and issues that I faced during this journey.

Please check full case study on Medium

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