Efi Kabak

🍺 The Type Can - Beer for type lovers.

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🍺 The Type Can - Beer for type lovers. times new roman bodoni futura helvetica beer can beer typogaphy typography art type branding and identity branding concept branding design branding typography beer label beer branding

Beer inspired by typography and typography inspired by beer.🍺

While having my cold beer in the weekend and reading my favorite book from Douglas Thomas, Don't Use Futura, I came up with an idea;

I am not a big fan of vintage-looking labels for beers. Honestly, I think they are used over and over and lost their soul. Therefore, I wanted to create a concept beer with using only the most beautiful typefaces that are alive today: Futura, Helvetica, Bodoni and Times New Roman. (Baskerville couldn’t make the list sorry.)

The idea was okay, nothing so fun about it until it went into the naming part. I love IPA and Blonde Ale, I started to combine them to create something that makes sense together with all of those nonsense names. HelvetIPA, FuturALE, BodoWeizen and Times Lager was only a few of them.

Like I mentioned it before, I didn't want to have something very crowded so, I kept everything simple and plain.

Here is the process and result so far.

Which one is your favorite? 🧐

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