Juliette Mothe

It's Brand Adventure Time!

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Hey Dribbblers, long time no see! But heeere I am, back with a story and nice assets to match :)

Three months ago, I left Pusher. It was a challenging decision on more than one level. And creatively, it meant that I had to let go of building a brand from the ground up, which was hard to swallow.

I chose to focus on other prospects for some time but couldn't shake off the feeling that the work I had done for Pusher and published online wasn't an accurate depiction of what I had in mind brand-wise.

I felt like I needed to get a sense of closure by giving shape to a quick, ideal version of this one-year adventure, sooo I made a whole Behance post that you can check here 🎉:

See you later for moar! Take care and stay hydrated ✨

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