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I've been enthralled with pushing for the best mobile experience as of late (trying to go above and beyond). A lot of this is being mindful of shifts in ambient light. Beyond tired of having my eyes seared like steaks while surfing the web at night thanks to everyone's pure #ffffff backgrounds.

I have also been determined to throw a website together that I can actually be proud of (haven't touched css or html in forever).

I did the latter. And discovered 'prefers-color-scheme: dark', which is a ridiculously trivial css tag that provides alternative styling to a device running in Night Mode. It works absolutely beautifully on macOS Mojave and the new betas of Catalina, iOS and iPadOS 13. It even changes between Light and Dark on the fly so no need to reload the website if you change between the modes.

The animations are done purely using CSS3.

Images are crushed, leading to ~80% file size reduction. They are also lazy loaded using query and a script less than 1KB.

There is no google tracking or any kind of tracking imbedded into the site. The HTML clocks in at 37KB.

Anyway, give it a spin and toggle your OS between Light and Dark modes to see the change in action.

As always, stay righteous 🤟🏼

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