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Wow Junkie Branding - envelope

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In 2016 I started working on visual identity and later on branding for Wow Junkie beauty vendor in Europe. The project was a great case cause it was one of the first projects that were built form the scratch. From the branding to the webshop and etc. The initial brief that focused on identity. The target where woman between 25-40 with a bigger income, that are bold and want to focus on high-quality products, and that was supposed to be imprinted in the brand itself. The log should have been clean but with a unique signature. Since already there are a lot of brands that have the same focus, I wanted to give the Wow Junkie it's a unique signature, so I decided to play with typography. The Wow part was presented as a crown symbolizing prestige and O was turned in to a jewel (you will see more as the project developed), The uniqueness came in the form of a brush, that was originally made to be dynamic so that every brush represents the unique style of expressing. Giving it the wow effect.
This project is made when I was in Neuralab -

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