Colin Tierney

Drunk On Lettering

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I’m not quite sure how to dribbble anymore (or much of any social media for that matter), but I’d like to come back to the courts and be more active. I feel like I used to play pretty well, but the platform has shifted so much since then. I realize it’s mostly my fault—with my sporadic posts and not engaging with the community—so there’s no one to blame (including you, uncle algorithm) but myself!

Anyway, here’s my show graphic I made a few years back for my Drunk On Lettering interview that went up earlier this week. It took three interview tries throughout these 2 years to finally make happen (more on this in the episode if you’re interested)

Here’s an excerpt from the the drunken girls: “Well people, we finally did it. We recorded an episode with Colin Tierney of Crayligraphy and it didn't disappear into the ether! If you don't know the drama, we recorded an episode with him a couple years ago and somehow the audio failed. So we apologized profusely and asked to record again. Well round 2 somehow disappeared as well! In the history of DOL we've never lost any episodes, but it just happens when we record with Colin! Luckily he got over his anger at us and gave us a third chance! Give it a listen for many Colin wisdoms and fun banter!!”


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