Bring Back Dribbble Recent

Update: @Dribbble confirmed that they will be bringing it back in the future! Thank you @mattcolewilson for the link to the Tweet!

Hey @Dribbble ,

We love you a lot. You put a lot of hard work into your product, and it shows. It's awesome to see such a cool team of creatives work remotely to provide a platform for fellow creatives to showcase their work. A big part of my success is credited to this site and the people connected with on it. Your platform has helped me with finding work and being inspired by incredible people, and there is no other platform like this for finding new and exciting talent. A huge part of that is the Recent view option.

One of my favorite downtime activities is going through the recent posts and finding the insanely diverse and talent out there. Sometimes I'd find horrifying illustrations of penguins violating polar bears, people just throwing a photoshop filter on a pixelly JPG'd photo, or very, very lost jewelry store and real estate marketing posts. But I found so many of my favorite artists there, many of which have become friends and constant sources of inspiration and drive. There's talented people on your platform who don't know how to self promote, and it's very intimidating to upload to a website where your post will just become a drop in a bucket of 6,593,124 (and climbing) images while you have 12 followers. Recent view evened that playing field by allowing people to see chronologically what was being posted; it gave those people a chance to be seen right alongside the bigger names. Basically, I miss viewing the weird stuff and the stuff I'd never had a chance to see before, and I'm asking pretty pretty please to bring it back.

I wanted to state my case, and I know I'm not alone. Thanks for the platform to rant as well as share work. Keep being awesome. <3


Posted on Jun 6, 2019
Tatiana Bischak
Brand supporting illustration and design.

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