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Hey Guys,

Actually I wanted to post that we're finally @ the AppStore, but that didn't happen today. Seems that the AppStore Review Team is rejecting our app because...

17.2: Apps that require users to share personal information, such as email address and date of birth, in order to function will be rejected

Now it seems that only apps that do "account-specific" things, are allowed to gather those informations. Even after reading through the Guidelines and asking Mr. Google, we still believe that we have not gone against the Guidelines.

We only collect Birthday, User Fitness Condition & Sex to actually create a workout specifically for that User and tie those informations to an account (fb/twitter) AND backing them up using that account.

Seems legit to me, since I've worked on many client-based Apps where we have done it that way.

However, now we are forced to

- remove ALL user informations (effecting how workouts will be created)
- remove fb/twitter sign-up and make it optional to share achievements
- remove back-up (for now)

Now this is a small setback, especially because we spend 4 months of our time on this project (nearly full-time) without funding only to be rejected of something that is actually "not-true".

We don't want to mess with the big boss, so we bow down and take actions.

Check out the "new" Wizard from the attachments, this time it's done how Apple thinks its right :/

Good news for you, more time to sign-up at to win a promotion code.

PS: Thx for the amazing support sofar! If you want to help us, just tell your friends that we WILL BE LAUNCHING soon.

Greets Daniel

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