iMEData iPad Application

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A new daily tool for doctors and nurses.

The days of doctors pouring over thick manuals to help them locate critical information about a patient are coming to a close as iPhones/iPads push aside the written word or in this case, doctors hand scratch. Experts are already saying that doctors will all soon make the switch. Perfect example, at Stanford Medical School, all first-year medical and Master of Medicine students will be provided an iPad this fall. Saweeeet!

That brings us to iMEData. An iPad application that's leading the way into the physicians world. With iMEData, doctors can now easily access any form of past or present data of any of their patients or even patients like theirs and compare the two. There's super easy access to fill new prescriptions, time tracker of how long the patients been in the office and even a place for the nurse to set the mood the patients in. The upfront and center timeline of patients visits helps to visually understand how the patient has been reacting to past treatments.

The best thing about this app is that it's personal and fully customizable per physician.

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