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Moto Sans - Display Font

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A display san-serif typeface a long time in the making. A nod to the past and a celebration of the bold. Inspired by retro motorcycle posters, signs, and photos of the past, while harnessing and inspiring the boldness that comes with facing the roads ahead. 

Moto Sans is a typeface made up of three styles (currently), hopefully to give every type of rider something to rip around on!

After 100+ hours on my first font endeavor (and plenty more as I continue to learn and grown) I am stoked to share this with the world and get even more feedback on how to improve it (yes, updates will be included). A massive thanks to the community that helped make this the best it could be at the moment (especially @Simon Walker, a true legend).

Now go grab Moto Sans and start riding!đź–¤

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