My first bite of dribbble

Dribbble thank you popsicle 400x300 v7 hartwig salzer

Hoooooray! After taking part in countless invite contests I finally may take a big bite of dribbble – and it just tastes awesome! I cannot even believe that I'm allowed to post and comment in this gorgeous community.

Thanks a million to Hartwig Salzer for drafting me!!! I'm forever in your debt!

I hope to learn a ton by getting feedback of all the incredible designers here, and maybe I can enrich the community with some of my ideas.

Concerning the shot: The whole work was done in Photoshop CS4, completely from scratch (just used two textures). I already finished it end of May, so this shot had to wait almost 2 months to get posted. I hope you like it.

A larger view is available here:

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