Anmol Sarita Bahl

Dashboard Booking Confirmation

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This screen was to visualize how a vessel tracking system would look like. Part functional, part beautiful; the objective was to have a screen with hundreds of them moving about like blinking dots. A real-time command center for any logistics company.
This project was the most challenging one for me, technically. I invested a lot of time, which could have been reduced but I did it anyway because it was the first time that I was building a design system from scratch. For a SASS product. A direct competitor to Flexport.
In no way, it is the best solution but I tried to perfect each element down to the 8px Grid:
• Textbox height.
• Form Field.
• Sidebar
• Navigational Elements
• Buttons
• Notification Toasts
• Icon's Bounding Boxes
• Active/Hover/Pressed States.
• Page Elements
• Components

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