Nikita Ambigram Tattoo

Nikita shot

Last week, I received an email from a woman in Russia, who found my the 'Nikita' ambigram online and asked me if I would give her permission to tattoo it on her wrist. She named her son Nikita and really loved the ambigram. So, since she went the honorable route and asked me (she could've just taken it!) I thanked her for asking and asked her that once she gets it tattooed to send me a photo. Didn't think she'd do it, as I've received similar requests in the past...but this morning, there was an email in my inbox with several photographs! She loves it, was very excited...and so was I. I combined the two photos in one (see attached) for different perspective.

Oh..and this was my very first ambigram, created in early 2008.

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