Knowledge Base (UX Concept)

This is a work in progress, user experience research I'm working on. Exploring ways to consume and create the content in non linear fashion, to reflect how our minds working. There are few phases:

1. Exploration; user have a keyword / person / work in mind and want to learn more about it, extend their knowledge. They spread the cards into the canvas. Cards can be personas, things, cities, keynotes, etc.
2. Mixing: User explored enough, now starts creates notes / subjects with their understanding. These cards can be a mix of their thoughts (or drawings, or sound recordings) and the embedded subjects (like the "Joe Armstrong" from the video).
3. Reducing: First 2 steps creates a mess (in a good way). Now it is time to gather everything (subjects, notes, etc.) to create the final work (an article, a graphic design, a sound design, etc.) from the graph of this mess.

Ideas here are still in very early stages, I'm hoping to develop (as a ux design) this in the future.

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