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BCR "Start-Up Nation" Stickers 4, IT

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BCR "Start-Up Nation" Stickers 4 (see more versions in the attached files)
I had to develop 4 different stickers packages for BCR bank "Start-up Nation" Program.
These stickers were made to be giving away at their "Start-Up Nation" presentations to entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the "Start-Up Nation" Program.

These stickers were made to work hand in hand with an AR(augmented reality) app (IndexAR).
Once a person installs the app, open the app and point their camera phone to one of these stickers - the stickers will trigger the AR presentation video of the BCR "Start-Up Program".

My tasks were to develop 4 different stickers that will activate the AR video of "Start-Up Nation" for the following businesses:
- Food Manufacturing
- IT services
- Construction (Installation)
- Services ( hair salons, education, luxury products,
tailoring) -

And I had to develop 25 Vector Illustrations Icons that are part of the video presentation and that explains the Start-Up Nation Program in the AR application.
After I finished the Illustrations, a teammate took them and adapted them to work in the AR app.

I will be uploading the entire project :D
Hope you like it :D

Thanks for the support!
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