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Hobbiton | Adventure is out there

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Hobbiton | Adventure is out there illustration design cityscape orange red monochrome geometric illustration geometric art geometric hobbiton shire lotr frame mockup vector art vector illustration illustration bilbo lord of the rings hobbit

My go at The Shire. I like how the trees turned out and a little adjustment to the color really gave it the pop that I feel I've been lacking in previous illustrations.
I also found a much easier way of drawing those nicely curved rectangle shapes to make up the background, trees and overall art style. Quite happy with how the result turned out.
The bushes and smaller details could definitely use some more work in terms of adding detail and shadows. And I could definitely go bolder with the colors, try adding a different color even though I like this monochrome look.
Overall, I think this one is a good improvement over my previous illustration. What do you guys think? Would love to hear your comments below.

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