Assal Algazzee Brand

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hey everybody...
today I would like to share with you my new brand identity for one of the most incredible artists and author Assal Algazzee is an artist and researcher in Iraqi Folklore.
It is a storyteller that tells traditional stories in a way that suits modern times. Try to take advantage of old experiences in a way that suits this age. The current society is known for history and origin. she used All the arts are used to convey these old novels through short stories and pieces of traditional songs, and quotes as well.

Our Vision: An artist who revives the heritage with a modern vision that keeps pace with modern times. Avoiding boredom and slow rhythm.

The challenge: Connecting the past to the present was one of the biggest tasks we must do. As well as return the concept of storyteller again. Delivering the idea of ​​ancient symbols almost forgotten, we tried to renew them in a way that fits the new vision through color and icon.

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