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Suggested Gizmohub Updates

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Suggested updates for the Verizon Gizmohub app.

I love the concept of this product - as a parent it gives peace of mind for our children's whereabouts and offers a safe / convenient way to chat, and as a designer I love how it pulls together technology to make our lives easier. It has so much potential, but the general interface on the primary dashboard has areas that can easily be improved. Hopefully these suggestions will find the right folks & will be considered as iteration continues to make this product even better :)

Gist of the updates are:

• Limit the information on the dashboard to show only what is most commonly needed

• Make the most common tasks ( call / message ) more convenient to get to by placing them towards the lower area of the screen

• Indicate the "last" known location & show the specific address of where the last & current location are

• Show distance in proximity to your current location

• While searching for the latest location, let the users know the info on screen isn't the latest information & that the app is actively searching & will update shortly

• Make it easier / more obvious to be able to toggle between different children • Transition the map to show the direction of the last known location to the current location, and update proximity distance from the parents current location

These are just a few suggestions… would luv to see it evolve to become even better!

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