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Apparel brand in the making.

LMTLSS Apparel was founded on the art, design, and ideals of inspiring artists in the Chicagoland area. LMTLSS Apparel is a group designed to overthrow the masses by our influence. We truly believe we are all trapped not by our situations, not by the lack of money, but by our own minds and limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are what really hold us back in all areas of our life. We are on a quest to help as many people get over this and show what is possible when you change your outlook from “limiting” to a new mindset of “LMTLSS”. Think of us as a support group for the independent and the underground culture. We’re trying to put the spotlight where we think it belongs, because it is much more than just clothing and concepts. LMTLSS should be a way of living.

https://www.lmtlssapparel.com/ (Coming Soon)

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