Chantal Lesley

First Time Voter's Survival Guide

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Only 32% of those aged 18-24 vote in any elections. That was a shocking statistic to me, and through some research via in person interviews I discovered that the biggest reasons that seem to be getting in the way between people between the ages of 18-24 going out to vote are:

Being uninformed
Assuming that the voting process is more complicated than it is

Having this information, my job was to figure out how to make voting exciting and easy. I chose to make a booklet that would ideally be given to either high school seniors or incoming college freshman and this booklet would detail the voting process step by step.

I aimed to design something truly useful and with valid, non-partisan information as well as some facts on why it is important to vote that would alleviate stress that is associated with voting. I chose a booklet so that the user could write in their own notes and take it with them to the polls to make their educated vote.

My intention was for my design to be eye-catching so that my audience would feel excited to continue to learn. I want them to realize the importance of voting and how it effects them personally and make them motivated to continue their own research, understand the process and not be intimidated by it, and eventually go out and vote. I believe that the use of this guide would encourage young voters to continue to be informed throughout their life and alleviate the confusion within politics.

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