Nahrizul Ashraf

RIAD - Logomark

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Earlier this year we got the opportunity to be working with a number of startups and small companies. But this little project with RIAD really caught my attention especially during the hard month of the year.

A small information: RIAD stands for "Rome In A Day" and this company does everything from constructions to renovations. Being a smalltimer I can say it's a real tough life to begin with and finding the same guys with the same mindset and tempo kinda make the whole experience of working with them a whole lotta fun.

The idea behind this logomark is to create a resemblance of Pantheon's pillar with a housetop. I have few other options but personally I love this one more compared to the rest.

What do you guys think? Yay or YAY? Stay tuned because I'll be sharing more on this tomorrow as usual. Bye for now!

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