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SFX are our most popular reaction. Drum sounds, fart sounds and even a sad trombone. (Obviously, the fart trumps all)

Mega reactions are something we're testing - like an extreme expression of the smaller reactions we made :)

We've been spending a lot of time and energy envisioning how moments of delight, euphoria, rage and even apathy can be augmented when you're messing around live on video with your friends.

Our friends at @Cub Studio put a lot of talent and love into these stickers to have just the right level of effervescence and pop - we're super psyched to have them on the product!

Posting a few of them here so they appear on the @Airtime page - but you can check out the full collection on the @Cub Studio pages!


If you want to read more about what we're trying to achieve:

Give this Medium post a read - ( <-- plug)


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