CJ Zilligen

Redzone Display Family

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I just wrapped up my most comprehensive typeface to date, check out the brand new "Redzone Display Family"!

“Redzone” is a versatile display family developed as the workhorse typeface for the “Ultimate Football League”, a fictional football league passion project. With a strong focus on the sports branding industry, “Redzone” has a voice that is competitive and sophisticated, its letterforms featuring angled terminals and sharp serifs across 5 weights and widths. Its generous x-height and overall build makes it especially capable for headlines, thought it serves well for shortened body type as well.

The “Redzone” name was debuted in October of 2017 as a titlecase font (later refined and renamed “Redzone Classic”), redesigned in November of 2018 with sheared and stenciled styles, and is now presented in the most streamlined version yet with the same charming fearlessness still present.

Give it a look on @Creative Market, individual width packages also available.

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