I'm super stoked (!) to finally share this retro arcade-style (music) video game I've been working on over many months with Wieden + Kennedy's Lodge team and the crazy talented director Ansel Wallenfang. The game is for the metal band Red Fang's new single, Antidote, and drops today for iOS and Android devices. You must headbang to progress through the song and save Red Fang from being killed at a demonic roadhouse 😈

I was the lead artist and animator on this project, and this game presented some unique challenges in terms of design + production, the biggest being our use of the old skool asset creation process known as digitization (seen in awesome late 80s/early 90s arcade games like Mortal Kombats 1 thru 3, NARC, etc.). For those unfamiliar, digitization involves actual costumed actors acting out every move in a sprite set while being filmed, with the raw footage then reworked in post and integrated into the game. Point being: it was A LOT of work lol.


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