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P Y R A M I D O S 2d flat night lava pyramid motion art character gay queer logo gif animation neon boy blue photoshop graphic design design illustration

"Pylons pinpoint the Passage,
to the Pyramids & Places placid.
Meet the Prophet & the Pilgrim,
free the Protégé from his Prism.

Principles of Pythagoras,
Paradigms of Particulars,
Papers & Papyruses
of Panacean Philosophies."


"On the Pilgrimage of Pathless Pathfinders,

Patrons promised to find Potation binders.

Ones which are perfused in Ponds permanently,
Particles of Plethora that posit of Prosperity.

But those Pleasant Pastures
were petrified & plastered,
by Pompeiian Pyroclasts to Pieces & hereafter."


*The correct plural form of 'papyrus' is actually 'papyri'. I used 'papyruses' just for the rhyme.*

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