Concept to design through design sprint process

Attached are a few screens from a three-week design sprint engagement.

Trusting the design sprint process and dedicating our focus to collaborative workshop exercises for three solid days. This made it possible to deliver an interactive prototype that demonstrates predictive financial modeling - with an ability to simulate theoretical scenarios in an overall business health view. This prototype established a story that baselines as a pitch to potential investors - enabling our clients to carry their momentum into future initiatives.

The screen designs needed to accommodate a large amount of content. We considered how the users would compare theoretical data to actual data in a single instance. Specifically, users would need to be able to review revenue, expenses, and cash flow and experiment with their business health by using scenarios to edit financial data (i.e. adding projects to their timeline, adding capital loans to their balance, etc.).

Additionally, we needed to allow users to drill into the performance of a single project to analyze the impact on overall business health. This could easily result in a busy interface. However, we accounted for this type of use and that informed our minimal visual style.

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