София Войнова

My dear Shudu....

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There are thousands of beautiful models on Instagram, but Shudu Gram is unique...

She has won the hearts of more than 170 thousand subscribers with her flawless skin and fascinating eyes. Why there is so much noise around her?

After all there are a lot of beautiful models, although it must be admitted that she is sooo beautiful🤩🤩🤩

They say not only because she is amazing, but because she is not true model indeed

She is not even a person...

Shudu Gram is the digital creation of Cameron-James Wilson. He is a 28-year’s old self-taught photographer from the UK. He has created Shudu after teaching 3D modeling and using online resources and learning lessons on Youtube

“Shudu embodies what I have always considered beautiful, and also what I don’t see as often as I would like”- said Wilson

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