Light Wood Wall [CSS]


Ok, I think I might have stumbled upon the future of wallpapers.

I might have just created the first CSS3 only wallpaper in the entire universe. Ever. Of all time.

Scary, huh?

But stay with me, here's what you gotta do.

1. First, → go here, if ye dare. ← Put your browser in full screen view, hide your dock, toolbars, cursor, everything, and stay very still.

2. Press the print screen key on your PC, or Command + Shift + 4 then Spacebar on your Mac, and with the camera cursor, click the browser window. Set the screenshot as your wallpaper. This means the wallpaper is EXACTLY your screen's size. No Photoshop. Nuthin'.

3. Marvel at how beautiful your desktop now looks.

4. Press the 'L' key, because my first name is Louis, and the 'B' key because my surname is Bullock. Then tweet about this. Then tell your friends, aunt, uncle, dog, cat, The Pope etc.


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