Apple Calculator on iPad

Daily UI 004. I prototyped how the native Apple🍎 Calculator would be looked like in a 2018 iPad Pro 11" (vertically) for today's #dailyuichallenge. And here is the backstory of it📖. When I surprisingly find that Apple did not include their native Calculator App in the iPad Product Line, I felt extremely terrible🤦‍♂️, because normal electronic consumers, like me, got to pick another one from the App Store, which turned out, none of them shared the same aesthetics as the official one, which broke the user experience drastically💥, and it's even worse when most of the Calculator Apps will play tons of ads when you were interacting.
I've always loved the original Calculator's simplistic interface design and the decent job it does in terms of its functionality. Apple has never announced the exact reason why they are not making a native Calculator App happen, but one legitimate guess could be the various sizes among iPads which definitely can make it hard to develop. And we all know Apple has the highest standard in the industry. To make a usable app is simple, but they are always seeking to develop an App that's consistent with their current design across all the devices and OSs... Anyway, I think I talked too much for today 😂 but if I have more time, I will design a horizontal version of the calculator app to preview how it would run in an iPad.

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