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Here’s a quote from @redlemonclub that I found absolutely inspiring! If you’re not familiar with Alex Mathers, I suggest you follow and LEARN! Seriously, seeing his quotes and articles pop up in my twitter feed and insta TOTALLY inspires me and keeps me going so often, I don’t have enough thank yous to express how grateful I am!

Today, like always I am OBSESSED with providing so much for my members… I have a note/reminder in front of me…. PROVIDE VALUE… and it’s an obsession for me… to provide value with my resources, with my teaching, with my tips and tricks I am providing… I think about how *I* work, and then try to translate that into ways I can make YOUR work process EASIER, faster, and more fun! My head is exploding with ideas and i just wish there were more hours in the day and I had an assistant already so I can get these products out FASTER! But today is set aside to work on my website, because one thing I have to be OBSESSED with is getting more members, so I can keep going and growing! I’ve got a great little base to start, but I have to let more people know about my products so that I can keep on doing what I LOVE and am utterly, totally, freakishly, maniacally obsessed with. I’m SO EXCITED for what’s ahead and am so grateful for all of you coming along on my creative journey! happy friday everyone!

Also, if you saw my post yesterday of Met Gala looks as photoshop brushes, you'll notice this design is inspired by Cara Delevingne's Dior look. the look was from their recent haute couture collection, which was inspired by the circus, so I picked this font 'circus freak' which I thought went perfectly with it... and it's from my buddy @simon stratford

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