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Atomic | Branding and Mobile App

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The Concept:
The brief presented a design challenge that is most uncommon in the industry and somewhat revolutionary, to say the least. The brief is to produce a mobile/ smartphone application that has the capability to handle downloads regarding files of modifications and visual enhancements for video games. As you may know, these type of files are far too large to be downloaded on mobile devices, and even if they could be downloaded to an iOS device, how are you going to then install the files into the binaries of a PC game? The answer is, you can't. My concept was to link the app to the users Google Drive, meaning they could download the files on the go from inside the app, and access them later from their PC, installing them to their game binaries from there. The concept is relatively simple in a problem-solving area, and after taking a first-hand look at the target audience, this app is found to be primarily targeted towards tech geeks, nerds, and developers. In my vision, these audiences can easily be associated with science fiction and science, as well as an emphasis on technology. Both the interface and branding should ideally be constructed to be reminiscent of the aforementioned interests. In my belief, students will be a big consumer of this app, so this should be reflected by the inclusion of a student discount option, further pushing the app's popularity and capability.

My Solution:
Derived from the brief and my concept designed around answering the said brief, below are my results. I have brought this brief to life through a contemporary, bright and intuitive app design that answers the problem of the brief and integrates an easily navigated interface with a strong scientific aesthetic, reminiscent to the target audience. The branding and interface both include unique color swatches I have designed to give the app a feeling of individuality, to express the independent and revolutionary concept behind the app. The app is built up around bold, contemporary typography to keep the design minimalistic and uncluttered while supporting elements have been expressed through custom iconography to help the user navigate and operate the application with maximum potential. To top it off, I have designed bold posters that can be adapted to both print and digital formats to promote the application, as I have demonstrated below.

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