Elliot's 1000px Responsive Grid — 12 col

Ejs 1000px grid

I have just recently discovered the awesome blog post Elliot Jay Stocks has written earlier this year: A better Photoshop grid for responsive web design.

I loved the easy math approach but I also love the 12 columns layout of the 960px grid. So I did a mix up.

A 12 col layout on a 1000px grid.

The math is as easy as dividing a pixel value by 10 which results in a percentage value:
65px / 10 = 6.5%
150px / 10 = 15%
235px / 10 = 23.5%
320px / 10 = 32%

Nothing fancy, nothing revolutionary, nothing every single one of you couldn't do yourselves. I did it for myself and thought someone could find it helpful as well.

Here it is: http://cl.ly/I4xB

All the credits goes to @Elliot Jay Stocks, obviously.


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