III - Yellow

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\ ˈye-(ˌ)lō \

Poster for The World We Live In.

The World We Live In is an arts festival organised by an increasing group of music and art students at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. Started in 2016 and repeated the following year, the third edition is now in progress for the next event in May 2019.

This is an event in which we create a platform for artistic expression and conversation about new and creative ways of engaging in and looking at the world and human affairs. The platform is, at its core, interdisciplinary and international and that makes it accessible to all artists who in their practice focus on topics concerning conflict, displacement, violations of human rights, migration, animal cruelty, ecological crisis, and other humanitarian issues. During this event, we hope to shed light on altruistic human values and inborn capacity for action against oppressive power structures guided by violence, greed and fear. This is an invitation to open each other’s minds to consider new ideas, emotions and experiences of our world in many different ways; to join with our diverse community and to offer a constructive criticism of modern society in a way that encourages empathy, optimism, and solidarity. The program will be vibrant and include a variety of creative works: live music of different genres and styles, exhibitions of visual art and installations, films, talks, workshops, and theatrical and dance performances.


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