Dylan Winters

Pitt Panther 3.0 Concept

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Keeping to tradition, the panther holds true to the stance and triangular shape of past designs. This concept combines sloping contours and sharp edges, creating a sleek, yet aggressive mark.

A central goal for this mark was to account for major identifiable elements of the animal itself. This is accomplished by the addition of whiskers, a white muzzle, and a pronounced triangular nose. Also, the implementation of more gold within the panther brings truth to why the school color was chosen initially, because of how well it represents the animal.

In Western society, we read left to right. The new right-facing pose leads to exemplify the psychological effect of moving in the right direction.

With a vigilant stance, the noble panther reigns.
Note: This is a concept only. This is not part of the University of Pittsburgh.

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