Priscila de Campos Fotografia – Logo Concept

Logo concept for a Brazilian photographer. She loves the moon and the moonlight since she was a kid, so I decided to create something in this direction. The idea behind this logo is the moon phases and also a camera in the negative space. I’m not a big fan of using camera as a logo for a photographer, it’s definitely overused, but I’m glad that I was able to create a minimal and unique concept that also features a camera, but not too obvious. I would love to hear your feedback.⁣

⁣Services: Logo, color palette, stationery, applications and strategy⁣

⁣Logo style: Logo-mark⁣

⁣Audience: Families who love to remember good moments. People looking for a photographer specializing in working with women.⁣

⁣Brand attributes: Minimalist, sophisticated, attentive, delicate, confident⁣

⁣More about this project soon 😃⁣

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Lucas Fields
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