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Tony Robbins Breakthrough - Audio player

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Hi there! đź‘‹

You know Tony Robbins, don’t you?
Famous speaker, motivator, innovator, just a great guy.
Tony is all about constant and never-ending improvement.
But there’s something that slipped through the cracks.

After using Tony’s “Breakthrough” app for several days, we decided that it needs some more love. People in the App Store comments are also going bananas. The app looks outdated, it doesn’t support Airplay, navigation is weird and blah blah blah.

We decided to help Tony and worked on the part of the app which needed attention the most. The audio player.

The new audio player is slick, modern, it got new industry standard controls and boy it works with Airplay.

Tony’s fans can finally enjoy his content on the go with the comfort they deserve.

Do you think it looks better now?

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