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Artwork we designed for The Lost Borough Brewing Co's New Kölsch Klassik! Crisp, Clean and in True German Style 🍻🇩🇪

About the Beer: This German-style Kölsch is a beer hybrid, straddling qualities of both lager and ale beers. The aptly named “Kölsch” (after the German City of Köln where the style originates) “Klassik” (The German word for Classic) is the perfect companion brew for spring rains and the long hot days of summer. Kölsch bier is traditionally given a long, cold aging period like a lager, unusual for an ale and made possible by specialty German Yeast designed to survive colder fermentation temperatures. This golden straw colored brew is hopped with a healthy dose of German Spalt Hops and balanced by a rich malt bill of NYS Pale and German Two Row. The result is a crisp, clean, light-bodied brew perfect for formal summer parties or long sessions mowing the lawn.

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