Social and Cultural Center

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The parish of Fenais da Luz is an traditionally rural parish. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and one of the icons of the parish is a roundabout with a framework that characterizes the neighborhood describing the farming, vineyards, fisheries and agriculture.

Centro Social e Cultural dos Fenais da Luz aims to protect the interests of the parish and its socio-cultural valorization. To promote such cooperation and solidarity among its members as well as the achievement of sports activities, recreation and socio-cultural activities.

The connection between the center and the parish is a reality and, in these terms, the logo CSCFL was produced taking into account: the representation of the earth "grass", the sea and sun - the primary sources of farming, vineyards, fisheries and agriculture.

The symbol is the image of a meadow (represented by circles) with special emphasis on the central role that CSCFL wants in the parish.

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