New website, thoughts, and more...


A full month has been enough for me. I've learnt a lot of 3DS Max, CryEngine, VB, and other powerful tools, but finally decided to return to design. I've always had a fight with myself about defining my own identity, and creating its website.
It's been my first goal to return. It's hard to see how get ideas everyday for hundreds of marks, brands, website designs, but you cannot create your own one. This time, I focused more on a minimal style, a website where I can show everything, without losing this style. Finally had the first idea for my brand (not an easy work), and then came the website.
Probably, with this shot I'm just telling you that I return to design, but I think this time it will be a little different. I don't know why, but the time will teach me.

EDIT: Forgot the most important thing!


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