Raspberry Ripple Case

Raspberry pi final dribbble

I am in the process of designing an alternative case for the Raspberry Pi as all the ones I've seen so far look like boring cigarette packets. I am about to start prototyping soon for delivery either via Shapeways or possibly project backing from Kickstarter.

The unique benefits of my design are:

Comes with multiple sets of large Velcro™ pads. One side fixes to the bottom of the Raspberry Ripple and the other can be fixed to any surface you choose - the back of a computer monitor, TV or even under a table, allowing it to remain inconspicuous but close to the action.

The enclosure is large enough and designed to allow some excess cable to be gathered inside keeping unsightly mess to a minimum.

The two halves snap shut holding the Pi snugly in place and it can be as easily removed for maintenance or upgrades.

Subtle holes on the top and two wide cable ports allow air to be naturally drawn through the case for ventilation.

The above example is shown with Raspberry Pi (http://www.raspberrypi.org/) branding colours but I intend to investigate XBox green (for running XMBC media server - http://xbmc.org/) and an all-black version for total stealth.

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