I've just redesigned and coded my website! https://www.brunocharters.com/

It was a really great experience as I don't get enough contact with the interwebs 👽 design world this days. It was nice to get back in contact with topics like, SEO, Front-End, Responsive/Adaptative Design, Databases, Content Writing, etc. as well as to feel the constraints of web by my own hands.

I've also added a short case study on the last public app I launched less than 1 year ago. What did I learn from that? Well, first off, I should probably keep more photographic record of exercises that produce design artifacts like:
- Wireframing
- User Journeys
- Low-Fi Prototypes
They are a big part of the design process but are easily left behind. I've gone through maybe 3 notebooks and moved twice since I was designing Seller Metrix. So I will make a promise to myself that I will keep better track of this artifacts and give them the love they deserve on the next case study.

All in all, a very enriching experience.
You may have noticed it says based in Thailand. That's because I will be freelancing from Asia for the rest of the year. I am now booking projects for Q3 and Q4. Let me know if you think I can help you.

Coded using amazing @Webflow ⚡️
Keep rocking it and don't forget to hit that "L" button 🤟🏼🖤

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