ok... new shot, new day, more progress :)

For those following along here's what this shot is -

As mentioned in the previous shot we have a custom post type for the trainers - you can add image, certifications and other stuffs - once these are created and you are now creating a class we have custom meta boxes for each day of the week and also a skill level input (from 1-100) which populates the skill level bar on the courses page - you can then select the trainer for this course from a drop down of available trainers - this then dynamically places their image, name and links to their personal profile page.

The custom post for a course will display the usual, text, block quotes etc etc and inline default wordpress gallery which then automatically open in a lightbox if clicked so you can show off your facilities for each course etc.

Lots of progress, nearly all pages are now designed and coded, working on tidying things up, creating the last few things and the theme will support practically all the post formats including the new twitter oEmbed that has been made responsive (y u not do this by default twitter!!)

Anyways, that's the current update - thanks for following along - more to come :)

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