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Interface - Chat initiate button

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*Designing an A.I. Chatbot: how conversational design changed the way I think about design* - Link to my medium article

Floating Action Buttons or F.A.Bs are fun, sure. Ever since material design has arrived, everybody seems to have an FAB on their website. How do you go about making an F.A.B for your Chatbot that lets people know right away what it’s for?

I went back to the basics.

So I drew a conclusion that if the existence of a correctly designed door handle indicated which way the door opened, I should have one for the chat initiate button for my Chatbot.

A simple way to tell the user what this is and how it opens will be no surprise at all.

It swings open. Just like a door. *And the best part, its a Quote. Seems too perfect for a conversation starter!*

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