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🎛🎚 Control Knob: Braun H7 hardware vector dial UI (Sketch)

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I actually started this project in 2015, took it to 99% completion, and then avoided posting it. Today, rather than do the actual work I quote should be focusing on, I finished it! I think the end product came out really nicely! There are some details that I really appreciate in this. See if you can find them.

Each time I make one of these, I learn new tricks. There are things I would definitely do differently if I had to re-create it again, which proves that the practice is working. There's one aspect of the original that I did not re-create, because I had no idea how to do it in Sketch. Can you find what it is?


One of my goals is improving my 2D vector editing / “drawing” skills. This image is a careful, layer-by-layer re-creation in Sketch of dial I saw in a photo of a Braun H7 Heater, designed by Reinhold Weiss and Dieter Rams in 1967.

I originally discovered this particular control design via a raster photo posted by DAS PROGRAMM.

click attachments to view the reference photo

EDIT: just discovered that two other people on Dribbble have tried re-creating this EXACT item + UI lol… great minds think alike… LEARNING IS FUN lol

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