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Hey guys!

This is a visual we created here at Zajno Crew for Ringba’s website we’re currently working on. Ringba is an innovative global telecommunications platform based in San Diego with no less a mission than to change how businesses connect with consumers. The visual you see above represents one of Ringba’s add-on products called White Label which is software that helps businesses fully customize and control their telecom portals.

A few words about how we discovered the style and came to this way of representing the product:
Our goal was creating a non-standard telecommunication company website with an unconventional, futuristic design to reflect the product’s innovative nature. To achieve that we said no to any kind of typical ideas and decided to dig a bit deeper. The solution we came up with was to present the product through a metaphor: the big shiny orb and its satellites, where the largest orb representing Ringba itself and satellites being Ringba’s add-on products such as White Label.

Check out the live version of the page here and share your thoughts about the style and the visual in particular!

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