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The All New Spotify Redesign - Mobile 16:9

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4/15 Here's how Spotify should look better for the new era of music streaming
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For the past 5 years since Spotify unveiled their Brand Refresh and the GLUE design language and redesigned their apps, it's one of the catalyst of their global growth and marketing strategy. Their versatile and amazing design language helped them grown globally. Spotify back then is one the best UX implemented apps on any platforms, and it's the most consistent experience of any app I know across different devices.
But as the time goes, it started to crumble down now, inconsistencies across their apps gets worse when their iconography refresh is unveiled. Their UI is now cluttered everywhere with different and lacking features to each other. And as Ux design trends starts to changes, and Apple Music's influence and subscribers starts to challenge and eclipse them now, and more and more music streaming services challenge them now, you start to question if their app's UX design is far more inferior than say Apple Music now (no it's not, Apple Music is still the worse UX wise, it doesn't even have a web app).
Here's a whole rethinking of the whole Spotify experience. It's more of a needed fix and design catch up than a radical redesign. And more features to differentiate and make them immersive music experiece than other music streaming services. And a love letter to their still standing tall, strong and still iconic GLUE design language ❤️. From the playlist design, marketing design, and to the UX whole design language itself.
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