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Beyond stoked to share https://epicjobs.co/ with you all. Find out more about this and what we're doing on Product Hunt today! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/epic-jobs.

We wanted a way to help you find job opportunities and help you learn more about the people behind them so we did that via:

- curated tweets

- video introductions (like this one with Figma who is hiring a Senior Brand Designer and a Senior Product Designer)

- interviews (like this one we did with Candid who's hiring a Creative Director, Director of Product Design, and a Lead Brand Designer)

- office tours (like this one we did with Basic who is hiring a ton of people right now like Designers, Directors, Producers, etc.)

It's still super early and we've got a lot of work to do but with your help and support we can have a lot of fun doing this and helping others land jobs!

- @Dann Petty
- @Christopher John
- The Design Community for helping us find tweets.
- (We'll need YOU soon)

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